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Find out what to eat to keep your body and mind living longer.

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Get in shape for your body type - the right way. 

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Pregnancy Health Coach


Know you and baby are getting the BEST in pre and postnatal coaching. Choose from the Prenatal Health Program, the Mama & Me Postnatal Program or one of the incredible self-guided Prenatal Health Workbooks!


Join our community in spreading good health vibes with our monthly health challenge. There's a unique & fun health goal scheduled for every month of the year. Scroll below to see this month's challenge and click on the link to sign up! Feel free to sign up for any past or present group. We encourage all members of the family to participate! 

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Past research has clearly shown the relationship between dementia prevention and cognitive engagement. Likewise, a research team in Spain has been discovering the interesting possibilities of chess as a preventative measure against dementia. They guided a meta-analysis surveying past cohort studies, literature-based reviews, prospective population-based studies, and case-control studies, finding that effortful mental activity strengthens brain activity, improves cognitive function, and reduces short-term and long-term cognitive decline. Furthermore, they found that mentally engaging activities like chess, board games, cross-word puzzles, GO-game (Chinese chess), and Baduk (Korean chess) promoted biological changes in the brain that account for strengthened synaptic connections and stimulated neurogenesis and ultimately resulted in a 33% reduction in cognitive decline. There was also significant evidence demonstrating that leisure activities like traveling, knitting, and gardening showed superior improvements in cognitive performance and an overall delay in dementia onset.

Health Research


What we know...

Sunny-Side prides itself on holistic wellness based on current, up-to-date empirical research. This means that all plans & programs are specifically designed from peer-reviewed studies published within the past five years that have been scientifically backed by clinically-driven evidence-based interventions.

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Being healthy is a skill. Skill is acquired through education & practice.

cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, dark greens, brussels sprouts) have shown to prevent the spread of cancer, detox the liver, and even prevent DNA damage in the body! The incredible agent responsible for this is sulforaphane which is killed off during cooking. But get this! All you have to do is cut/chop your veggies and wait 30 minutes before cooking! Amazingly all the sulforaphane remains on the food!

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