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Eat Fruit Daily

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On my list of My Magnificent Seven - Fruit ranks #4. It possesses many health benefits that are not found in other foods and are nature's medicine for most chronic diseases. Micronutrients aid in wellness and longevity, and are mostly found in fruits. Phytochemicals are a more newly discovered micronutrient and are biologically active compounds found in plant foods and are powerful in helping the body’s immune system. Potassium is also crucial to nerve function, which can be found in a lot of fruits. People can promote good eye health through their diet with yellow/orange fruits. To improve lung function as well as overall health, a person should consume more fruits. Berries have the highest antioxidant content of any fruit. Blackberries have the most with 650 units, blueberries have 380, raspberries have 350, cranberries have 330, and strawberries have 310. Comparably, other fruits like apples have 60, bananas have 40, and mangos have 110. Dr. Michael Gregor, leading modern nutritionist, suggests that the more colorful or vibrant the flesh of the fruit the more antioxidant power it has.

Watch the following videos:

Benefits of Blueberries for Heart Disease (1).mp4

Benefits of Blueberries for Mood and Mobility.mp4

Berries for Inflammation and Osteoarthritis Treatment.mp4

Read the following brochures & handouts.

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Health Benefits of Fruit.pdf


On my list of My Magnificent Seven - Fruit ranks #4. It poss...
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