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Eliminate Refined Sugar

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The sugar you buy at the store, whether it be white, brown, powder, or even raw, is refined, or processed; and is partly responsible for the booming epidemic of chronic disease. In Post-Colonial America 1776, people were eating only about 4 pounds of sugar annually. Now it’s up to 160 pounds annually. This can explain a lot about the shift from malnourishment and infectious disease to obesity and chronic illness.

The nutritional value of refined sugar is ZERO - containing no essential vitamins or micronutrients and being one of the most unhealthy, empty-calorie foods you can put in your body. Furthermore, research is starting to show a clear connection between refined sugar and liver dysfunction.

According to the American Heart Association, women should get no more than 100 calories of refined sugar every day, and men 150. Both of these limits are less than 1 can of soda!

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    The sugar you buy at the store, whether it be white, brown, ...
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